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I am a graduate of UNLV with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies with a focus in PR and Social Media Marketing.I would consider myself a part-time PR student and a full-time entertainment enthusiast.I enjoy working on events, from organizing to production. I have been part of events such as Life Is Beautiful, iHeart Radio Festival, Billboard Awards, American Music Awards, and the Stellar Awards, but the list always expands every year! I love attending events, concerts, conventions, and festivals. I also have experience in content creation. As of 2021, I am the lead content creation intern for 1520 Vision and the Corporate/Internal Communications Intern for NBC Universal Telemundo. In addition, I have worked as a media staff with World Series of Poker creating social media post,s and a social media manager for a smaller event companyThings I am passionate about are music, (I am one of those people who listen to everything.. yes, even country.) cafes, and photography. You will see me every weekend at a different cafe trying half the menu or exploring trails. Interested?
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Things I Have Recently Worked on

The first two are the weekly newsletters sent via email to the network's employees to receive updates within the company. I draft one for the Telemundo Enterprises throughout the week.

The two below are social media posts I drafted for a feature of the company's studio on a TV show.

Here are some templates I created for my internship's social media pages.

NBC Telemundo Universal & Telemundo Public Relations

Here are some of my side projects the 1520 Vision IG Page.

Below are social media posts I created for engagement

Gabi Cafe News Letter

The Gäbi Coffee & Bakery is excited to announce our new summer menu. The “Drink Your Paradise” drinks offer an exotic and refreshing taste that takes your taste buds to paradise! Introducing the new Galaxy Ade, it’s a cold sparkling fruity beverage with colors of the sunset created with magenta dragon fruit juice and fresh peach syrup topped with ginger ale. Our next drink is a twist on our signature purple wave butterfly latte, we now offer the Iced Butterfly Latte just in time for the warm weather.Iced drinks aren’t your cup of tea?We offer an abundance of handcrafted coffees and freshly brewed teas you are sure to love as well and are customizable.In addition to our new drinks, we have also added two new cakes to your pastry menu. The Mr.Sunshine is a delicious rainbow sponge cake separating each color with a delicate whipped vanilla mousse topped with edible flowers and candied orange bits. The second cake is a classic blueberry cheesecake topped with whipped cream cheese icing, figs, and gold flakes to enhance the quality of the dessert.Please be our guest and come over for a cup of coffee! We are located near Spring Mountain and Jones at 5808 Spring Mountain Rd, STE 104 Las Vegas, NV 89146. Look out for the big wooden door!We are now accepting reservations for tables, to save a spot please call (702) 331-1144 with your preferred location and number of party.To find out more about our cafe and be the first to know about new menu items and special offers follow our Facebook and Instagram Page!@gabicoffeebakery @gabicoffeebakery☕️ https://gabicafe.com/ ● ✉ [email protected] ● ☏ (702) 331-11445808 Spring Mountain Rd, STE 104 Las Vegas, NV 89146.

Community Navigator PR

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEName of Press Contact: Daisy VillanuevaDate: September 24, 2020Phone: (702) 588-1251Email: [email protected]The City of Las Vegas is announcing their new program to help community members connect to necessary resources called Community Navigators.The city is offering multiple resources to help neighborhoods especially during these tough times. Some of the areas the community navigation aids in are:CCSD Distance LearningHousing AssistanceHealthcareEarly Childhood EducationFood AssistanceWorkforce & Employment& Much More!The community navigators will be focusing on Wards 1,3, and 5, where it is much needed to help families get the support they need. To find out if they are located in one of these wards community members can use this link:https://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/Government/Elections/Find-Your-WardTo get connected to a community navigator, they can call this number: (702) 229-5277For help in Spanish, they can contact this number:(702) 229-6242The City of Las Vegas has always served the community and encouraged growth throughout the city. Since 1905 we have developed into the great large town we know today. We are for the people because we ARE the people and build trust in our neighbors to create a better community for everyone. We are constantly striving for advancements to better our citizens' lives. Our focus is keeping Las Vegas the best place to be and as our saying goes “What happens here, stays here”. For more information and resources please visit our website: https://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/.

How TikTok Influences the Youth’s Culture.

Living in the digital age, media heavily influences the culture of the new generation. Gen Z, as they are referred as, develop their own mannerism, language, and trends with the help of social media platforms. The world is smaller as they say because everyone is able to connect through these interactive platforms, TikTok being the most popular and newest addition. TikTok is a video app where users are able to make and share their short content freely. It is set up much like the format Instagram Stories and Snapchat has with a full vertical screen. Users scroll through their feed by swiping up and down. They are also able to like, comment, and share others' videos. Like all social media applications, TikTok uses an algorithm to push forward content to users to land on their “For You Page (FYP)” which is essentially the home screen. But how does it tie into the revelation of the Gen Z cultural blueprint?Cultivation theory answers the question. Cultivation theory suggests that people who are exposed regularly to media over long periods of time perceive the world’s social realities as presented by the media, thus affecting their attitudes and behaviors. This actively demonstrates that the more people scroll on TikTok, the more someone will be able to pick up the video’s characteristics or quirks. This also influences our pop culture with trends like dances, music, and the different catchphrases. In The Social Media Reader, they explain how an open-source, like TikTok, can create a culture, “The “open source” way is closer to how human creativity has always worked. Open source used to be the default way of doing things. The rapid adoption of proprietary information has been so intense and influential… (pg. 24).” The chapter in the book talks about how computer scientists created customized tools for web-based companies. TikTok gathers their users' information all the time through artificial intelligence (A.I) bots with searches and likes which then finds relatable content. In an article by The New Yorker, “How TikTok Holds Our Attention”, they compare it to a “bossy waiter: they solicit your preferences and then recommend a menu. TikTok orders you dinner by watching you look at food.” The A.I bot uses computer visual technology and withdraws information that it thinks the user might like to suggest on their FYP. As mentioned in an article by The New York Times, “How TikTok is Rewriting the World”, “TikTok instead encourages users to jump from audience to audience, trend to trend, creating something like simulated temporary friend groups, who get together to do friend-group things: to share an inside joke; to riff on a song; to talk idly and aimlessly about whatever is in front of you. Feedback is instant and frequently abundant; virality has a stiff tailwind. Stimulation is constant.” It always takes into consideration the demographic of the user and makes it relevant content, it is always personalized to the user.The demographic TikTok seems to lure in are young impressionable crowds, it is very rare to see content made by anyone over the age of twenty-three. The app was first known as “Musical.ly” and according to The New Yorker article, “a large percentage of Musical.ly users, who were now TikTok users, were under the age of thirteen.” The initial reason for this is because of how easy it is to create content on this app. Users do not need to have prior knowledge in video editing or professional equipment like on YouTube to make a successful video. Maria Keselj writes in her article, “The Future is TikTok” for Harvard Political Review, “ The minimal expectation of superficial film quality gives TikTok the communicational advantages of video while retaining the focus on content over aesthetics to create a form of social media closer to real-life competitors.” What this demonstrates is that teens prefer this imperfect and authentic creative freedom rather than the strict guidelines other apps are forcing and the pressure of posting quality content. Another reason for such a youthful crowd is the authenticity of the app. There are no direct advertisements and political clutter like there would be on Twitter or Facebook. TikTok integrates ads into the user’s feeds and instead of obvious advertisements, they show “sponsored content” to seamlessly blend into the FYP. “The bulk of advertising on TikTok is done by the creators themselves, creating a higher standard of accountability by relying on an individual’s reputation. Through sponsorships, the benefits of advertising are distributed to creators rather than to the tech platform.(Keselj)” This gives the app an organic feel with user-generated content that encourages things to trend.The biggest trends on TikTok come from catchy musical tunes, easy to learn dances, and funny inside jokes. TikTok has had a big influence on the music industry by being able to popularize songs onto the music charts. Artists are also able to upload their own songs in hopes of it blowing up on the app. An artist that was able to utilize the app to promote themselves to stardom is Lil Nas X. He is most known for his song “Old Town Road” which was one of the most popular songs of 2019. His whole career started after he uploaded his song to the social media app and became a trending sound for other users to use for their videos. Currently, there are 726.3K videos on TikTok with Lil Nas X’s song remixed with Billy Ray Cyrus. Secondly, dances play a big role in the app's influence on today's youth culture. Dances like the renegade, the woah, and millions more. There are thousands of videos of teens recreating dance challenges and dueting other users. Popular TikTokers like Charli D’Amelio ( Age 16, 108.8 Million followers) has the biggest influences on which dances trend next. A TikTok user, @yodelinghaley, was even featured in singer Doja Cat’s music video for Say So after her TikTok dance to the song went viral (https://youtu.be/pok8H_KF1FA?t=147). Lastly, with all the exposure to this type of media, users can start to mimic what they see. Like the cultivation theory states, if someone is constantly viewing the same content they will be influenced by it. From my own personal experience, I can say, the app has had an imprint on me. I often catch myself randomly speaking in a British accent, yelling the word “PERIOD”, using finger guns as gestures, and lastly the iconic “Debby Ryan”. The “Debby Ryan” became a trending meme on TikTok after clips of the actress’ movie Radio Rebel circulated the app. It was an awkward gesture of her half-smiling and moving her hair behind her ear which everyone seemed to impersonate the “shy girl” look. All of these elements create the cultural influence Gen Z-ers use today.Although TikTok may seem like a fad at the moment, it is hard to argue that it does not have a strong effect on how young people act and think. TikTok has created a new part of the Gen Z culture that influences attitudes, behaviors, and values. With it being the most popular social media app of 2020 with 315 Million downloads that year out of 2 Billion in total since 2017 (Harvard Political Review), the exposure of it has been impactful. The cultivation theory perfectly defines how this media creates new societal norms and trends within a group of people. TikTok knows who they want to reach with their A.I. bots and helps control what they should see by their interests. This whole process helps create trends within its users, Gen Z-ers. The power this app holds can control what type of music will hit the charts or which dances will be used at parties. In conclusion, TikTok is shaping youth culture with its algorithmic system to push forward trends and be influential.

Event Photography- Gully Boys Concert 4/1